Nickerie Airport

Nickerie Airport terminal

This is the terminal of Nickerie Airport.

Nickerie Airport – Majoor H. Fernandes Airport (ICK, SMNI) is located in the north-western part of Suriname. The airport has one runway with a length of 700 metres.

Suriname-Guyana ferry in Nickerie

This is the Suriname-Guyana ferry. In order to get to Guyana you have to cross the Corantyne River by boat.


The Corantyne River, which acts as a natural border between neighbours Guyana (to the West) and Suriname (to the East).

Shri Vishnu Mandir

This is the Shri Vishnu Mandir in Paramaribo. It is the main Sanatan Dharma mandir in Suriname.

Arya Dewaker headquarter

This is the Arya Dewaker headquarter in Paramaribo.

Mosque and Synagogue at Keizerstraat in Paramaribo

One of the reasons Surinamese people are very proud of their country is the fact that there is a Synagogue next to a Mosque in the capital city of Parmaribo. They are located at Keizerstraat and worshippers of both Houses live peacefully together. When one of the Houses is in need of parking spaces, the other House lets people park on their premises.

Church in Paramaribo

This is the Saint Peter and Paul Basilica in Paramaribo. This cathedral happens to be one of the largest wooden structures in the Caribbean.
It is located in the Henck Arronstraat, a street named after Henck Arron, the first Prime minister of Suriname after Suriname gained independence in 1975.

Groningen, Saramacca

This is Groningen, the capital city of the District Saramacca, one of the agricultural districts in Suriname. Saramacca has many residents of Indian and Indonesian/Javanese origin.

Rice field in Saramacca

This is a rice field in District Saramacca.